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ERS Elektronik Automation Machinery Electric Industry. And Trade. Ltd. Ltd. It was established and started its activities in 2009. Our company, whose focus is on customer satisfaction, provides full support to its customers before and after sales with its strong staff. In addition to standard models, our company can also design product-specific machines.

Supereminence Products
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Özçiğdem Nuts

Detailed Review Özçiğdem Nuts
Petek Plastic

Detailed Review Petek Plastic
Evliya Confectionery

Detailed Review Evliya Confectionery
GDP Food Packaging

Detailed Review GDP Food Packaging
İmas Machinery Industry

Detailed Review İmas Machinery Industry
Oslo Food

Detailed Review Oslo Food
Panegro Meat and Milk Integrated Plant

Detailed Review Panegro Meat and Milk Integrated Plant
Pınar Nuts

Detailed Review Pınar Nuts
Quadropak Packaging systems

Detailed Review Quadropak Packaging systems
Salina Salt

Detailed Review Salina Salt
Şekeroğlu Plastic Packaging

Detailed Review Şekeroğlu Plastic Packaging
Şimşek Biscuit

Detailed Review Şimşek Biscuit
Tandoor lavash

Detailed Review Tandoor lavash
Torku Food

Detailed Review Torku Food
Tuva Machine

Detailed Review Tuva Machine
Seyhan Packaging Machinery

Detailed Review Seyhan Packaging Machinery
Ülker Food

Detailed Review Ülker Food
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